Saturday, 24 November 2012


Responding to a Twitter hashtag I've been thinking of some #placenamesongs. It's a sort of "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" running joke. The funniest ones are often where a famous American song is given a very British place name eg "24 Hours from Tulsa" becomes "24 Hours From Tulse Hill" and so on. I don't think I invented that one but it's hard to tell as some are trad. Some others that occurred to me were:
The Winchelsea Lineman
Tijuana Dance? / Tijuana Know A Secret?
Wenham 64 (Great & Little Wenham, Suffolk, since you ask)
Woking Back To Happiness
Tell Me Wye / Hay Bulldog (twinned)
Diss Is My Song
and so on ad (imminent) nauseam.

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