Sunday, 22 January 2017

Ind v Eng ODI - Sky Coverage

Phew! That ODI today reminded me of  this poem (in my 'Momentary Stars' collection):

Sky Coverage: Green Timepiece
(Self-regulating Cricket Model 5Day/T20)

White figures on a green ground,
the hours turn, the hours turn.
Some say it was designed
to give impressions of eternity.

Though slow, though very slow,
through orbits, spheres and time
it will come round, will come round,
though the end seems very far,
five hours, five days, five years.

Trajectories and paths are tracked
(fall of sparrows is not recorded)
under the all-covering sky.
Charted from above
the colours mark their value,
the highest by striking red.

Now everything turns again,
the figures change to red and blue,
the shadows grow.
Towards the end,
time is compressed,
seems to accelerate.

Now they swarm and run
and very soon it is the last.
Authority in black and white declares:
'Over - right hand!'

A lot is left to do
in little time and space
and it comes down to this:
'Twelve off six, twelve off six!'

The stars will rise, revolve and fall,
limited overs, timeless test.