Thursday, 10 November 2016

Poems from Momentary Stars

Here's another poem from my "Momentary Stars" collection:

Another Life

Home past the house we lived in
what seems a lifetime ago.
The Japanese cherry I planted
almost overwhelms the front garden.
At the back a newish car
on a concrete driveways -
the grass and bushes
and old brick wall have gone.
But upstairs a young man stands
in the half-lit window
rocking a baby in his arms.

Different When Cycling (from Momentary Stars)

Here's another poem from my collection "Momentary Stars" (Clydesdale Jefferson Press 2016):


"Slow down, they're green!"

Cycling you often see the lights
a long way ahead. If they're green,
you'll never make it. But relax
and time it nicely for the next phase.

"Speed up, they're red!"

Push on when they're against
and you should be there
for the welcome change.

Another Poem from Momentary Stars

 I'll post another poem from my collection "Momentary Stars" (Clydesdale Jefferson Press 2016) here soon:

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Momentary Stars: Poems by Edward Vanderpump

  My poetry collection "Momentary Stars" is now available from Clydesdale Jefferson Press. It is a 72-page book with a lovely painting, "Flow", as the cover. This is by my daughter, artist and jewellery-maker Sally Vanderpump. I'll put a picture on Twitter. The poems range from those written this year back to 1962. There's family life, love, death, travel, art, current affairs (horrors included), but cats (sometimes sinister rather than cosy), and cricket (with astrolabes), too.

Retail price is £10 but I have copies, so discount at readings or in person - and postage and packing free in the UK if you send me a tenner or a cheque (payable to me, Edward Vanderpump). DM me on Twitter or Facebook if you'd like one. Half the first edition has now sold so let me know if you'd like a copy, signed or unsigned.