Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Boardcasting 1957-style bought back

"The Hour" is back on BBC2 with Series 2, set in 1957. Not only do BBC people say "bought" for "brought" and "nucular" (Ms Garai)  well before George W but talk about their "input" and everyone wanting "a piece of you". Is this sloppy writing or a clever move to please the US market? Will we hear the characters talk of the British, or maybe the Bitish, Boardcasting Corporation in the next episode?


  1. Worth mentioning that W didn't invent 'nuke-ular;' Dwight Eisenhower and Edward Teller pronounced it that way, too. But it's still pretty American.

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    1. Thanks, Ben. Quite and no doubt some people in UK pronounced it that way too. But a top BBC news producer?