Monday, 4 March 2019

What’s in a word?

Six year-old grandson, now reading all and sundry, wanted to know if there was a word which had all the vowels in. His Dad, after some thought, came up with ‘abstemious’ and Grandfather added ‘abstemiously’ suggesting the ‘y’ could also be used as a vowel - good thinking family!

Eldest grandson, now 12, is no. 4 in Under 13 England Table Tennis squad. His favourite words include ‘choi’ each time he does a good shot! Between Norwich & London he read half of Maggie O’Farrell’s memoir of near death experiences and is eager to discuss with his mother who has yet to read it. A wordy lot.

The two granddaughters, both younger siblings, love their words in both books and as song lyrics. Our older granddaughter is making comparisons with BrE and AmE while the 5 year-old is using phonics as she sounds out her words enthusiastically. She’s cracked it and is already experiencing the joy of reading.

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  1. Great stuff! Got a game off Joe! (OK he gave me six start and it was on the kitchen table.)