Monday, 7 January 2013

First Female PM & MP? Meryl Streep - Iron Lady

I didn't really feel very keen to see "The Iron Lady", even though I have admired Meryl Streep's performances in the past. I was confident she would do a good job and probably even get the accent right but didn't go to see it in the cinema.

However it was on TV last night and in fact it was such a wonderful performance and impersonation - terrific in both language and acting terms - that I was unexpectedly moved. Not something I thought possible, and certainly not where those "terrible twins" were concerned!

The trailers showed big scenes in the House of Commons which looked pretty phoney but in fact the Cabinet and Opposition were reasonably convincing in close-up. However, it seemed that the Iron Lady was not only the first female PM but the first woman MP, too. A sad rewriting of history, erasing many notable women on both sides.

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