Saturday, 20 October 2012


Like many couples, Clydesdale and I have a shorthand of private phrases. Sometimes it's just a spoonerism or an abbreviation. C is rather (or I might say over-) conscious of weight and figure and has even been known to tell me I should lose some lbs, whereas I'm known for being thin to the point of painfulness and yet, indeed, a "fine figure of a man" - or woman, no, I'm not revealing which Jefferson is. So (not the ubiquitous, the ever-spreading "so", but the old-fashioned one), sometimes, on the train, for example, (yes, ok, too  many brackets & commas, stylists),?, C will nudge me and just say "FFM" or "FFW". And, if one of us snores at night, all that is said (as the elbow is administered) is "Ludwig". Yes, you're ahead of me, "Roll over, Beethoven". Oh, dear, now I've revealed it to the Twittersphere. Do you say that as well? Discretion please, reader.

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