Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Very unique, Watson

  There's nothing you can blog (ok, post), that can't be blogged (posted).

I often think: "Why is no one else aware of these changes?" That's when I get bored or mystified looks from most people I know, including younger relatives.

So (or maybe I mean but) - then, as with my earlier post about "so", I often discover (usually as the result of links from the wonderful @StanCarey) that proper linguists have been discussing the word in question for years and that there are several research posts at US universities entirely devoted to it - maybe I exaggerate, but only slightly.

Anyway, amidst all the Sherlock mania, has anyone else noticed this quote from "The Norwood Builder" (published, according to my Penguin edition, in 1905)?

'"There are really several very unique features about this case, Watson," said he.'

Ok, nothing new there, then - or ahead of his time, if you prefer?

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