Thursday, 23 January 2014

Trousers and skin - 50% off?

  I am often amused by sale signs like "Trousers 50% Off!" Can you choose which leg? A skin clinic near me had a special offer which I read as "Sale! Skin: 50% off!" Gosh, how do they do that? Those skin-eating fish? Apparently it is a chain called "Sk:n" - but still ...

By the by, in BrE we say "In the Sale" for a special Sale and "on sale" for normal times when goods are just for sale at normal prices. Or do we? Have we gone totally AmE in retail so that "On Sale" means in a special, reduced prices sale? Comments from my world-wide following, and indeed my UK follower, would be appreciated.


  1. Most often,I see simply "Sale" + 'up to 75% off' I'd welcome a return to 18th century shop notices.