Wednesday, 17 April 2013

NotPopeQuotes - new hash tag

"Since no-one guessed that couplet was by me,
Fly downwards, Muse, to spheres of modesty."

Of all my worldwide audience not a single person has guessed that couplet in the previous post was by me and not by Pope. So I have started a new hashtag (one word, be modern, Autocorrect) called #NotPopeQuotes. The quotes in my previous #PopeNotPontifex tag (started around the time the Pope started tweeting, I think, rather than when the new one replaced him on the twig) wasn't ** much read and then was deleted by a higher power! So was the second one, #PopeQuotes. So these ones can try and make their own way.

I've also made the first couplet a bit more modest:

"Sometimes mistaken for his mentor, Pope,
He still toiled on, not quite bereft of hope."

**No-one noticed the deliberate mistake there so I will have to point it out. There was a false agreement, with the writer (apparently) distracted by the nearest noun ("tag") and forgetting the real subject, "the quotes". Anyway, nowadays GrammarCheck programs can make this sort of mistake for you - or you can blame them.

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