Monday, 15 April 2013

Mormons, Autocorrect and Twetherlands

I've tweeted about how Autocorrect is often funnier than I am on Twitter, so I often go with it. I've been communicating with @elchienbekker in both English and Dutch - well, trying to. But Twitter Autocorrect nearly always intervenes, at first, especially in Dutch. So (no, not that sort of "so", the "Hwaet" type, just a normal one), I responded to his usual "moin, moin" with "Mornin', mornin'" (I was guessing). Twitter instantly corrected it to "Mormon Mormon", which I might just start every day with. The trouble is (optional extra is is  here), is that, Twitter/ Autocorrect learns pretty fast (foreign, too), thus losing that mad spontaneity and (potential) inspiration.

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