Friday, 18 January 2013

Coloured Snow - Weather Again - Snow Warning!

Last night I heard on TV weather that "rain will be turning readily to snow" - re(a)dily? - and then that there was "a yellow snow warning". What a horrible combination.

Does any one else say "It's winter, in Britain. What do you expect - a herd of wildebeest?" when the forecasters talk of 10C in January being "disappointing"? They seem to think we are all on summer holiday and must have sun to go to the beach all year round. So "temperatures will be struggling", poor things. Why this need to anthropomorphise the weather? Rain is "organised" when not in "bits and pieces".

They are meant to be weather experts but why do they never seem to mention (still less show concern about) climate change?


  1. I think forecasters respond thus to the public insistence that the forecasters are responsible for the weather we get.
    Good point about climate change. Probably the same reason as the excess of Tories - fear of the Right, who are unrelenting.

  2. Didn't quite understand the Tories bit - though I probably agree.